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Indigo Art


The Art Of Great Service

How does something that starts off as a simple conversation become transformed into a cutting edge art project or a bespoke digital art installation. Perhaps you had envisaged an original piece of sculpture or wanted to create a feature wall that would make people stop and stare. Indigo Art have developed expertise in each of these areas over 30 years. We produce exquisite and beautiful portfolios and products as a result of one key thing - at Indigo Art we look at Everything.In.detail.

It can start simply. A telephone call, a concept or even just a glimmer of an idea to develop something that truly transforms your venue. You might not have known before you saw our portfolio or projects or spoke to one of our team, how having the right approach, expertise, vision and creativity can be powerful assets in bringing your ideas to life.

Working with us

For designers, we know you value our integrity in delivering creative design solutions but this does not come at any cost. We work closely from budget to concept to design and installation ensuring that we maintain a clear focus on delivering on time and on budget and all with the necessary creativity to bring every project to life.

Call us to day to speak to one of our experienced Art Consultants on 0151 933 9779