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Digital Wallpaper

Digital Wallpaper

Art shouldn't ever be ordinary.

Always at the forefront of design technology Indigo Art specialise in delivering innovative design solutions and installations that create impact and ultimately bring a space to life. Our digital wallpaper portfolio combines cutting edge technology with in-house creativity and access to a diverse range of talented artists and photographers.

The Creative process

Working closely with clients, designers and architects we take the time to understand the effect required. Is there an iconic figure you want to bring to life in your Boutique Hotel or a particular ambiance that requires the best of natures aesthetics to create an oasis of calm. Perhaps you require visuals that shape how people feel about your brand or you may just want to create something that no one has seen before.

Digital Wallpaper can be striking and defining, whilst adding flexibility to your options and your budget. Our design team work closely with you from concept to installation and will guide you through the wide range of choices from within our collections.

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