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This is our first Blog post and to say that we are excited is an understatement! After many months of design, hardwork and commitment we are delighted to see the launch of our new website and social media presence.

Quite some time ago we realised that we needed to create a bigger (and better) platform from which to showcase some of the amazing projects that we have delivered over the years and our new website allows us to do exactly that. But essentiallythere is more to it than just presenting our work...our new approach to our online presence and social media means that we now get to talk to you direct and this is where things get really exciting!

If you are an Interior Designer then you now have the ability to see more of what we do and talk to us direct. If you are a talented artist looking for a way to present your work to the world then look no further as through the Indigo Collection we have created a platform from which you can do just that. 

Our clients tell us that they love our eye for detail and our personal approach - well neither of those talents are easy to present in a brochure and so we have started to get creative on our own behalf and we are truly delighted with the results. Our facebook page will present updated images and a platform to present our 'story' so that you can get an idea of the personality that is at the core of everything that we do. Twitter will encourage you to chat and get to know us better and we cannot wait to hear what each of you has to say.

We look forward to ineracting with you over the coming months and cannot wait to hear what you have to say - in the meantime take a good look around and get in touch!

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