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Indigo Art

Bespoke Mirrors

A frame. A shape. A vantage point.

A glance. A stare. A moment in time.....

Indigo Art Consultants design and build bespoke mirrors to complete the aesthetic and compliment the artwork of every project. Whilst most people walk past mirrors every day only giving it a single glance we recognise how a well designed, well placed mirror adds to the dynamics of a room. It can create space, light and highlight other design elements that deserve to be showcased.

Getting the best from design

Our expert design team ensure that each of our mirrors is made to the same standard and quality as our other collections, with an emphasis on creativity and workmanship. Each piece is worked seamlessly with another until the derived impact is created and the project complete.

For examples of how we create complimentary design through bespoke mirrors, art curation and sculpture please click here and Contact Us to discuss how we can help.