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Art Curating & Design

Art Curating & Design

Art Curating & design

Curating, sourcing, designing and framing art is an exciting part of what we do each and every day.

Each of our clients has a long standing relationship with us. They rely on our abilities and expertise to source and manufacture the finest art, prints, mirrors or sculpture for each and every project making both the experience and the finished results unique.

Indigo Art has access to a vast range of artwork of every conceivable style. Over 30 years we have curated one of the finest and most exclusive collection of contemporary prints with over 3000 images that can be reproduced to any size and finish.

Its all about the Art

We are passionate about continually sourcing art from the best, most creative and most innovative artists and photographers, passing on this valuable resource to the clients and designers that we work with. 

We focus on quality, diversity and vision keeping the collection fresh and with a variety that maintains our status as leading Art Curators.


We are resourceful and tenacious and our Art Consultants continually research and source the best images for each and every project. Their skills and contacts add impact - and it shows.

To discuss your project requirements, please contact one of our expert team or call  0044 (0)151 933 9779 to arrange an appointment.